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HyDex Tool Magazine / Servo Turret


Built with User's Demands in Mind

With extensive experience in using various magazines on machining centers and turrets on Built with User's Demands in Mind CNC lathes, HYDEX fully understands common problems with various magazines and turrets. Besides, we also understand most users' requirements for magazines and turrets. Therefore, HYDEX heavily invested in the development, improvement and manufacturing of tool magazines. Till now, we have successfully developed a wide range of precision magazines and servo turret.


Aluminum Alloy Too Pocket Impact-resistant! Easy to Replace!

The tool pocket is made from anodized aluminum alloy, which exhibits outstanding features, such as high strength of material, impact-resistance, light weighted, high accuracy and superior interchangeability. Easy to change tool pocket by simply loosening two screws.

Exclusive Manufacturing capability of Tool Magazine

At HYDEX, we have a full service of high precision machining equipment. All critical parts of a magazine are completely machined in house, enabling us to fully control parts accuracy and quality. Furthermore, we have researched every detail of a magazine based on our years of operating experience. That's why HYDEX is capable of offering the magazines to fully meet users' requirements, and HYDEX magazines are competitive in quality, performance and price. In fact, HYDEX magazines have been recognized by many renowned machine tool manufacturers.

Cylindrical Cam Assures High Indexing Accuracy

The chain-type magazine employs cylindrical cam indexing mechanism for high positioning accuracy with minimum trouble. Another benefits include easy maintenance as well as stable performance.