Extra rigid construction exhibits outstanding stability when performing heavy turning.
High positioning and repeatability accuracy.
The disc rotation and indexing are driven by a high-performance servo motor, featuring fast motion and high accuracy positioning.
Fast tool change. No tool change error.
Once turret is assembled, it is subject to additional fine calibration with servo operation to assure turret accuracy in 3µ.
Suitable for various brands of CNC controls.
In house produced parts reach up to 80%, allowing thorough control of parts accuracy.
Most materials used are imported from Japan, assuring maximum material stability and long service life of turret.


Model   HY-125A
Center height mm 125 mm
Number of tools N 8T / 10T / 12T N
Gear speed ratio   24:1
Input speed / Output speed rpm 1000 / 40 rpm
Indexing time (tool-tool) sec 0.25 / 0.2 sec
Indexing time (including locking) sec 0.35 / 0.3 sec
Total indexing time for 180˚ sec 0.65 sec
Total indexing time for 180˚
(including locking)
sec 0.9 sec
Indexing a cycle time
(unlocking cycle locking)
sec 2.12 sec
Curvic couplings type Piece 2 Piece type
Servo motor type   HF-SP81JK
Solenoid operated valve   AC 110, DC 24V
Proximity switch   X2 F1
Hydraulic working pressure kgf/cm² (35 ~ 40) 40 kgf/cm²
Thrusting force of hyd. cyl. kgf 6380 kgf
Accuracy of repeatability mm 0.003 mm
N.W. (without tool disc) kg 120 kg

※ Specifications, dimensions, appearance and color are subject to change without prior notice.