Vertical Series

HYC-432 HYC-440 HYC-460 HYC-532 HYC-540
The unit employs pole-changing motor, featuring extremely smooth hi-lo gear shift without transmission gap, rapid tool selection and low noise level.
The rear side of main body is fully sealed, which greatly reduces the ingression of metal chips or coolant during cutting process.
The mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components are located at the front of magazine unit, easy to service and maintenance.


Model HYC-432 HYC-440 HYC-460
Specification 32T (#40) 40T (#40) 60T (#40)
Max. Tool Dia. w/adjcent tool 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Max. Tool Dia. 135 mm 135 mm 135 mm
Max. Tool Weight 8 kg 8 kg 8 kg
Max. Tool Length 300 mm 300 mm 300 mm
T - T Time 1.31 Sec. (60 Hz) 1.31 Sec. (60 Hz) 1.318 Sec. (60 Hz)
Weight 650 kg 700 kg 860 kg
Driving System Electric motor Electric motor Electric motor
Tool Arm Length 530 mm 530 mm 530 mm
Orientation Angle 65 65 65


Model HYC-532 HYC-540
Specification 32T (#50) 40T (#50)
Max. Tool Dia. w/adjcent tool 125 mm 125 mm
Max. Tool Dia. 250 mm 250 mm
Max. Tool Weight 20 kg 20 kg
Max. Tool Length 400 mm 400 mm
T - T Time 2.5 Sec. (60 Hz) 2.5 Sec. (60 Hz)
Weight 1100 kg 1350 kg
Driving System Electric motor Electric motor
Tool Arm Length 600 mm 600 mm
Orientation Angle 60 60

The tool pocket positioning fixing device helps to increase srability and accuracy in tool change.

The cam type locking device makes tool pocket position accurate and fast.

The specially designed dust and chip protection for all sensing parts ensures error-free sensing.

BT30 tool pockets are manufactured from aluminum alloy.

Vertical type tool magazine.

One-piece fabricated magazine body.。